A process which allows primary powder particles to adhere and form granules, is one of the most important unit operations in drug manufacturing and it is the GRANULATION process.

Components of RMG:

Rapid mixture granulator consists of components like mixing bowl, impeller, chopper, Discharge port, Filter, Pursuing air, and port provided for solution inlet.

Impeller and chopper are responsible for mixing and break granules mass. Discharge points are connected horizontally at the lower part of RMG, the discharge point is operated automatically with the help of a pneumatic cylinder (required 3-5 kg/cm2 compressed air pressure)

The filter is placed with aid of a vent air filter to remove purging air and retained granules inside. Purging air is supplied below from the impeller to prevent sticking of the granules to the impeller and also helps prevents contamination.

Pursing Air Pressure ranges 5-6 kg.


  • Variant capacity (1L to 1200L)
  • Scalability
  • Design based on principles such as
    • Froude’s no.
    •  Tip velocity
    •  Swept volume.
  • Optional automated lid opening and blade lifting operations.
  • Tangential blade assembly with inclined profile for mass movement and better mixing.
  • Inline Conemill ( Optional )
  • Torque measurement
  • 21 CFR compliance automation