Zero Hold Up Filter Press

The Cartridge assembly consists of plates, perforated screens, spacers and fitter media. Interlocking spacers internally form single pipeline. The unfiltered liquid is centrally fed under pressure from bottom inlet. The liquids spread out equally on each plate fitted with filter media. Solids remain on filter media and clear. filtrate flows through precisely made holes on sides of plates and collects in the shell, which then comes out through the outlet. In this process, solids are evenly distributed on each plate. The cake is then cleaned from the filter material and used again for filtration process.


  • The major problem related to separation is solved with the help of the horizontally closed Zero hold up filter pressure.
  • A singular pipeline is formed due to the interlocking cups that are all arranged on top of each other.
  • A bottom inlet provides pressure due to which all of the liquid that is unfiltered is centrally fed.
  • All the solids and impurities get filtered by the filter and the rest of it flows through gaps that are present on supporting rings. It is then collected in a shell and later on led out with the help of a pipeline.
  • There is an equal and even distribution of solids on each and every plate.
  • Several things like interlocking cups plate, plate rings, etc. are all a part of the plate pack assemblage. By applying inert gas or air at the end, maximum drying of the cake can be done.


  • Complete filtration of the batch without any hold up due to reverse flow of liquid hence large saving in time & cost.
  • Back wash facility can be provided for continuous operations.
  • No scavenger arrangement required.
  •  The cake, filter aid & solids remain totally enclosed allowing filtration of toxic, hazardous & explosive liquids.
  • No contamination of internal surface of shell.
  • The top dome structure ensures fast & easy removal of cartridge assembly & cleaning of cake.
  • Other features same as standard flow type.