CIP/SIP Piping

CIP/SIP System:

Clean-In-Place (CIP)/ Steam -In-Place (SIP) technology offers significant advantages to manufacturing facilities from efficient cleaning of process equipment & piping at lower costs to improved product quality CIP Systems are fully integrated incorporating tanks, pumps, valves , spray cleaning devices, ,heat exchangers, piping & controls without the need to disassemble all or part of the system, significantly reduces cleaning costs and minimizes the handling of chemicals to provide a safer environment for plant personnel.


The CIP process involves a sequence of cycles that includes an initial and final drain step, a pre-rinse and post-rinse step. The CIP process may include a sanitize cycle to reduce the levels of bacterial contaminants This cycle uses aqueous solutions of strong oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone and chlorine containing compounds.


The controls incorporated into CIP systems are critically important and provide a variety of cycle times, temperatures, composition of cleaning solutions. Fully automated PLC based CIP systems are offered to suit customer specifications.